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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
7:06 pm - Hi you guys
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Being a horse and living outside, I do not always have control of what my owner does. But she does this for me...I tell her...

Um let's see-on the 28th I was in a horse show! I got a 3rd Place ribbon, which is yellow, but it was out of me and two other horses so basically I got "last". Than I got a 4th place ribbon, which is white, and I actually beat out other horsies! I also beat out other horsies when I got a 5th & a 6th place ribbon (5th=pink, 6th=green). My mom was super-proud of me. I got licorice as a treat! They were yummy little red things. Mmm.

And at the show I made two friends, a Thoroughbred named Mera(Sp?) and a Quarter Horse named Maggie. Maggie was mommy's friend's riding horse for the show. I had to help Maggie in the jumping ring. Apparently Maggie wasn't picking up on her trot and I had to have her follow me around the ring. But apparently mom blamed me for pinning my ears back and looking evil at Maggie. No I wasn't...errr....mom!!! I'm not mean..!? Hehehhe...

And um I got a new friend named Comanche! He's four years old and a Red Roan Leopard Appaloosa, we're the same breed! But he has LOTS OF SPOTS! I hardly have any! And he's my grandpa's riding horse. I've tried to help him learn out on trail with my mom & grandpa but he's a bit stubborn. Young horse what can you expect?

And Tobey moved to another place, thank god! He picked on me a lot :-(

Today it rained. It felt nice. It's been hot the past few days!

Also on the 17th I had a show. I got 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd! I did really good...but then again there was hardly any competition :( But oh well, ribbons = cookies! Yay!

Well that's all. Happy Trails,

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
9:42 pm - These quiz things are neat! :)
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Hehe you know it :)

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5:18 pm - How dumb of me...
Also, I've turned 12 since I last posted. My birthday was April 26. I got a lot of treats that day :)

And I've gotten a new *cough* "friend". Don't worry that cough was out of sarcasm, not colic hehe. His name is Tobey. He's a bay 13 year old Racking Horse. I try to be nice to him but he thinks he's the boss, typical wannabe-stallion gelding. Probably proud cut. Hah hah. Besides, his head is big. What a cow !!

Anyways I've got to gallop. Later!


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4:52 pm - Hi Again
Well sorry I haven't updated, it's been a really long time since I made this journal and I guess I forgot about it. I've been rather busy.

Well since the last time I updated a lot has happened! And I do mean a lot! First off in February my friend, Margaret (the miniature horse) had her foal. The foal is Sophia "Sophie", she's a chestnut filly and while she's cute she's annoying sometimes ;) Now Sophie is a few months old, she's gotten a bit bigger but she's still small!

Speaking of foals, I was bred in late April, Early May !!! He's a really hot (haha) black Quarter Horse stallion named Maverick. He's 16.3hh (or something like that)
and is being Dressage & Reining trained. Hah over-achiever...mwahahah.. Wow I'll be a mom next year, that's a weird thought!

And in recent news I went to my first horse show! It was on May 31st, I had a lot of fun. I even got a fourth place ribbon in one class. I didn't place in the other two classes but my mom still thinks I did a good job :)

Well that's all for now!

Happy Trails,

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Saturday, January 18th, 2003
6:01 pm - All About Me!
My name is Polly. I'm a registered Appaloosa mare. I'm 11 years old, born April 26th '91. I'm Gray with not many spots. I'm 14.2 hands high. My mom is Caity, sometimes she rides me but it's been cold and snowy-wet so she hasn't in a while. I'm ridden with a western saddle and a western bridle but sometimes a hackamore.

I like being groomed. Probably better then I like to be ridden!

I love food. I fancy cookies the most. I also like carrots, apples, oranges, biscuits, and grapes too.

My mom has owned me since June of 2002. The place I used to live at was nice but I didn't get much attention. I lived with a snobby, spoiled show horse and an old boarder who was always grumpy. But I love the place I live now! I live with a few odd ponies, a mule, and some alpacas. I try my best to get along with those ponies but some of them are down right obnoxious! You know how ponies are.

Well I'll write more later! Bye!

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